Sheila Jones

Not having had the opportunity to ride as a child, Sheila started riding as a teenager and was instantly hooked! Employed as a chef and only able to dream about working with horses as a full time occupation, at the age of 24 she managed to buy her first, own, horse. After calling out a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship to help her with a farrier phobic problem with her second horse, she was inspired to attend training courses with Kelly Marks of Intelligent Horsemanship studying Horse psychology and behavioural training.

After taking the decision to leave her chef whites behind her, she started to work in a private yard looking after and exercising clients horses whilst continuing her study in horsemanship and working alongside a Recommended Associate whenever possible to gain experience and expertise. Sheila now holds the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship and am a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship, and in her own words is 'at last I am living the dream'.

Sheila can help all types of riders and horses with a wide variety of behavioural issues. Of course there doesn't have to be an issue at all, it might just be a case that you would like to build upon and strengthen your relationship with your horse and try something a little bit different! With that, Sheila is bringing Horse Agility to CROWN and we are very excited to have her on board!