One of the many benefits of being part of a riding club is the opportunity to take part in team and individual competitions at both area and championship level.  CROWN teams have a fantastic record on paper with multiple placings at points, qualifiers and championships across all the disciplines regularly fielding several teams and individuals for each event on the Area 5 calendar.   The official competition year begins on the 1st April until the 31st March and is divided into two seasons; summer and winter.  There is a fantastic range of competitions from show jumping, dressage, style jumping, rider tests, horse trials, eventer challenges, arena eventing, dressage to music and quadrille.  CROWN are very well position geographically for the Area 5 competitions with most of the qualifiers being held at Moreton Morrell College, Solihull Riding Club and Swalcliffe Park Equestrian and Aston-Le-Walls which are all just a stones throw away. 

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The fun, friendly, inclusive and supportive nature of the club and its members is evident within teams where everyone is welcome.  There are no selection processes apart from where we only can enter one team, and we welcome anyone who would like to give competing a go!  It is a truth universally acknowledged that you will hear team CROWN, before you can see them! The cheers and support for one another is part and parcel of being part of the club, there are no cliques, no inhouse rivalry, just a whole heap of support where there is always someone there to help; whether it be the team manager, committee, fellow team mates or members supporting, you will never be alone.  We aren’t daft, horses can have a sense of humour and quite frankly anything can happen! But we will be right there with you through those times, we will pick you up both literally(!) and figuratively when things go wrong and collectively celebrate your successes when things go right!

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Crown team winner
Crown team in action

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Need a little more Convincing?

We asked some of our members why they compete for CROWN!  Read what they had to say:

"The people! The best feeling in the world is crossing the finish line and having a load of CROWNies clap and cheer for you!"

Alex Esser, Junior Member

"Being on CROWN teams is like a comfort blanket.  After 7 years away from competition and not a huge amount of competition miles under my belt, it allows me to feel more confident by having continued support from other members. That’s the draw – I couldn’t do it on my own"

Sarah Clarke, Senior Member

"No matter how you do, win or lose you’re made to feel like you matter. There’s never a louder cheer or a more supportive team manager out on that course or stood by those dressage boards. We are encouraged, pushed, helped and guided but never ever made to feel not good enough. Even when I’m not competing for CROWN I choose to wear my base layer and saddle cloth out of pride. To show that, yes, I’m a CROWNie and I want everyone to know that!"

Jem Plester, Senior Member

"We are all out to have fun, we as a club are so friendly and all seem to just get on, with our own club as well as other clubs, no rivalry. That's how it should be!"

Claire Bond, Senior Member

"Every member I have had the pleasure of being a teamie with has supported me beyond belief, they’ve given me confidence to do things when I never thought I could. I truly believe that feeling starts with the CROWN committee who just support and encourage EVERYONE without question, and that ethos spreads like wildfire among your members. In summary I chose to compete with CROWN because there’s nowhere else I’d rather be."

Cassey Hains, Senior Member


If you would like to compete for CROWN you must be a full member of the club and your horse must be correctly vaccinated.  The BRC are extremely strict on vaccinations so any missed jabs or inconsistent dates will be instantly picked up and unfortunately you will not be allowed to compete.  If you aren’t sure if your horse is correctly vaccinated, you can use the Flu Vaccination Checker

Flu Vaccination Checker


Team KIT

We have team kit available to purchase and you will be expected to wear the club saddlecloth for all events and the team base layers and silks for eventing. Whilst we know that team kit isn’t the cheapest to purchase, we have sourced these items based on their quality meaning that they will not only wash well, keep their shape but also last a long time! JS Teamwear provide a one-stop shop for all CROWN merchandise so head on over to their dedicated CROWN page on their website to place your order! We are delighted to work with Jane and Sarah at JS Teamwear and they look forward to speaking to you! 


All events will be posted under the ‘Events’ section on the website and you can enter and make payment as soon as entries are being taken.  Our Team Manager will contact you to confirm your place and provide you with all the information you will need for the day!  If you would like to get dates in the diary so you can plan your season, you can download the full  Area 5 Competition Calendar 2019


So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to join if the fun, become a part of team CROWN and represent your club, then head on over to our Events section to enter or get in touch with the club Team Manager Lucie Scopes for more information!