Stressless Dressage League Championship Show

Event Date: 3rd November 2019 to 3rd October 2019    Members: £10.00 • Non-Members: £12.00
Stressless Dressage League Championship Show


Join us for the final instalment of the 2019 Stressless Dressage League at our Championship Show on Sunday 3rd November at Dallas Burston where we will find out who tops the league at each level and overall!  The show will include both warm up classes which are open to all and championship classes for those who have scored 55% and above at any of our three Stressless Dressage Competitions earlier this year.  But don't panic, just because it is a Championship Show, there is no need to stress! As always, this will be a low key, dress down, stress-free event - no need to plait or preen, just turn up as you are and give dressage a go! We have our wonderfully supportive judges who will not only encourage you but provide helpful feedback.  Everyone is welcome, members and non-members, English tack, western tack and bitless! The more merrier.  The full schedule and details on how to enter can be found below:

Sunday 3rd November 2019
Dallas Burston Polo Club
Stoneythorpe Estate,
CV47 2DL

Warm Up Classes:
These classes are open to all

Class 1: Introductory B (2009)
Class 2: Preliminary 2 (2016) kindly sponsored by Acorn Pilates & Equipilates
Class 3: Novice 27 (2007)
Class 4: Elementary 42 (2008)

Rosettes from 1st-6th place

Championship Classes:
These classes are only open to those who have scored 55% and above at that level at any of the three League Competitions earlier this year.

Class 5: Introductory C (2016)
Class 6: Preliminary 18 (2002) kindly sponsored by Acorn Pilates & Equipilates
Class 7: Novice 30 (2006)
Class 8: Elementary 50 (2007)

Championship rosettes from 1st-6th place
Sashes to overall Champion at each level

Entry Fee:
CROWN Members £10.00 per test
Non - Members £12.00 per test


To enter, simply select the number of classes you wish to enter (either under the Member or Non-Member price options) by selecting the number of 'places' and please make sure that you complete the comments box with the class information you wish to enter including rider name and horse. If you have any issues please contact Lucie by email at  Entries close on Monday 28th October 2019.


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